Membership for IT Professionals, Students and Educators

Work smarter. Find solutions faster. Enhance your knowledge. ISACA membership positions information systems professionals to meet their career goals.

With 140,000 constituents in 200 countries, ISACA is internationally recognized as a high-performing organization that addresses global, national and local information systems and business issues.


For Individuals interested in or employed in IT audit, information security risk and IT governance fields, ISACA professional membership equips you with the resources, training and education you need to expand your professional development opportunities.


Why Join ISACA

ISACA Kenya Chapter members enjoy unique benefits, both locally and globally (See member benefits here).

Local Benefits of Joining ISACA Kenya Chapter

· Leadership opportunities in local board / committees
· Free or subsidised entrance to evening talks and conferences
· Reduced fees for CISA/CISM Review Classes
· Networking opportunities with key industry players
· Free Access to local and regional job opportunities posted on ISACA Kenya Chapter Website
· Free professional references for Jobseekers on request